Pensacola Habitat for Humanity
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Neighborhood Revitalization

What is the Neighborhood Revitalization program?

Pensacola Habitat for Humanity has identified the need to expand housing services beyond new home construction and to incorporate broader community development projects into its work.

Through continuous outreach and meetings with residents and community leaders, Pensacola Habitat’s Neighborhood Revitalization (NR) program works to identify the greatest revitalization needs within communities.

The NR Program expands Pensacola Habitat’s traditional housing services to include community collaboration for neighborhood enhancement activities (NR Community Pride), Community Development, and repair and renovation of affordable homes.

Home Repairs

Pensacola Habitat for Humanity’s Neighborhood Revitalization Department offers home repair services for low to moderate-income families within Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties to:

  1. Assist low and moderate-income families and individuals in achieving economic self-sufficiency and family stability through affordable home ownership;

  2. Empower residents to become involved in the solution to their housing needs and revitalization of their neighborhoods; and

  3. Facilitate the repair/renovation of substandard and unsafe housing and promotion of neighborhood improvement and stability.

Community Pride

Pensacola Habitat for Humanity helps neighborhoods within the city and county to become active and involved by organizing volunteers and other resources to assist with projects that enhance neighborhoods.

The NR Community Pride Program oversees projects such as:

  • Vacant lot or public R-O-W clean ups

  • Painting homes

  • Minor home repairs

  • Handicap accessibility accommodations

  • Landscaping of public space

Community Development

Pensacola Habitat for Humanity’s Neighborhood Revitalization program creates opportunities for residents to learn about community development processes and come together to develop neighborhood priorities and plans, and develop into more formalized neighborhood associations.

Pensacola Habitat’s NR Coordinator, who is a certified planner, educates, guides, and empowers residents in ways that result in them becoming more involved in local governmental decision making, developing long-term plans and visions for their communities, and pursing resources needed to implement their revitalization needs.

Cantonment Improvement Committee

Pensacola Habitat for Humanity has had a long and productive history working with residents of Cantonment, who organized to form the Cantonment Improvement Committee (CIC) in 2012. The CIC is made up of residents and businesses in Cantonment who partner with local residents, community and civic groups, government agencies, and businesses to work towards making a safer, healthier community where all residents have access to economic and professional advancement.

Last year, Pensacola Habitat worked with the CIC to bring a Community Resource Center to Carver Park in Cantonment, as well as carrying out multiple beautification and rehabilitation projects in the community.

Westside Garden District Neighborhood Association

The Westside Garden District Neighborhood Association. The Westside Garden District boundaries are (East-to-West) A Street to Pace Boulevard, and (North-to-South) West Cervantes Street to West Garden Street. The purpose of the Association is to provide an organized framework to promote, preserve, and enhance the quality of life and values in the neighborhood by elevating and marketing the image of the neighborhood, as well as promoting a sense of pride and identity among the residents.

Pensacola Habitat for Humanity has worked with the Westside Garden District Neighborhood Association on various projects in the past including sidewalk rehabilitation, painting street addresses on curbs, and also a smoke and carbon monoxide detector fire safety initiative.