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Invitation to Bid – 4th Quarter (4/1/2019 – 6/30/2019)


Project: General Construction

General Contractor: Pensacola Habitat for Humanity, 300 W. Leonard St, Pensacola, FL 32501; P.O. Box 13204, Pensacola, FL 32591-3204.

Scope of Work: Materials, Equipment, and/or Supplies needed for the construction or renovation of wood frame, vinyl sided, single family residential units on property in the City of Pensacola, Escambia and Santa Rosa counties in Florida.

Invitation to Bid – 4th Quarter (4/1/2019 – 6/30/2019):

Requesting bids in the following areas:

Framing Materials, Trusses, Roofing Materials, Foundation & Site Concrete, Vinyl Siding and Drywall Materials

Bid Time and Date: All bids are due not later than 2:00 PM, Thursday, March 28, 2019 at the office of the General Contractor. Please mail your bids sufficiently early so they will be received on time. The same applies to hand deliveries. Late bids will not be opened. FAX and E-MAIL BIDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Enclose your bid in an appropriately sized envelope and print the following statements on the front, “SEALED BID ENCLOSED- DO NOT OPEN. Receptionist will Deliver this envelope to the Purchasing Department unopened”. If you are mailing your bid, use a separate mailing envelope in addition to the one described above. Enclose the envelope containing the bid inside the mailing envelope.

Pensacola Habitat for Humanity will accept only sealed bids from Bidders who wish to be considered for the above work.  Bid documents are available upon request by emailing your request to Include in your email request your company name and complete contact information, as well as the type of work you do or products you sell.






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